Crushing upset for Ivys

Today, graduates of Ivy League schools are reeling in defeat. Habitually among the top contenders in every "best colleges" ranking of note, not one Ivy appears on this year's list of the top twenty party schools, published by The Princeton Review.

When approached for comment, a prominent frat boy at my alma mater hung his head in shame, but then resiliently declared that he would fix this abomination. In related news, Penn's IFC announced a pop-your-collar-athon through the Fall semester, where the student with the greatest accumulated hours popped will win a free keg of Natty Light.

Other notable mentions on this year's list: once top dog University of Florida dropped to number 4, while arch rival Florida State University almost fell off the list entirely at number 18. Time to stop cracking the books and start cracking some six packs, 'Noles...

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