'Phins Hire a New Coach

As anticipated, my beloved Miami Dolphins, under the new leadership of VP - Football Operations Bill Parcells have hired a new head coach, canning Cam Cameron after only one season (albeit an abysmal one) at the helm. Also as anticipated the new skipper, Tony Sparano, is a member of Parcell's inner-circle, allowing the Big Tuna to live up to his promise of not assuming head coaching duties, while maintaining his ability to strongly influence coaching decisions.

While I'm hopeful that these recent leadership changes will help return our team to its rightful place as one of the NFL's premier franchises, it's difficult to get too excited, as the past decade has brought "big" announcement after "big" announcement, followed-up by wretched under-performance. That said, Parcells has quite the resume of turning around under-performing teams...could this finally be the start of a successful post-Marino era?

If nothing else, we might benefit from other teams confusing our new coach for his near-namesake Tony Soprano and being afraid to invoke his wrath by beating us.

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