Hot Air Ballooning in Napa

One of the things I've come to love about all the many I've lived is the distinct, native beauty that each has to offer. Among my favorites are:

Boston: Cape cod and the vineyard
New York: fall foliage up the Hudson
Florida: The beach air at night
Philadelphia: ok...I'm stumped here

But thus far in the Sf Bay Area, California wine country is by far my favorite. Most of my friends assume I like it so much because I'm an oenophile and it's an excuse to indulge in wine, but my true guilty pleasure is driving through the serene valleys and mountain roads and taking in the sights that mother nature, and a few thousand wineries, have to offer.

Last weekend my love affair deepened, as I got to see the valley from an entirely different perspective. My girlfriend Megan is undeniably more adventurous than I, and this year she wanted to go hot air ballooning for her birthday. As someone who doesn't handle heights well, this terrified me at first, but overcoming the fear was well worth it. The views were breathtaking- even nice enough to make the 4am wake-up time well worth it. I though I'd share some of my pics with you so that you could see for yourself just how lovely our morning in the air was.

(And if you have the urge to go on a similar adventure, I highly recommend Napa Valley Ballons.)

Hot Air Ballooning in Napa - October 2007 - PUBLIC

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Ada said...

you. must. share. recommendations. about. napa. with. me. :)