Pimp My iPod

LA-based Etch-Star has launched the beta version of an online portal that allows users to pimp their iPods, iPhones and MacBooks in all new ways. Customers choose from the company's library of popular artwork or submit their own designs, then mail-in their devices for etching. The site is still pretty new, but you can check out some of their prior work on flickr.

Some people might be nervous about mailing their beloved Video iPod, but the company provides safe shipping supplies and will even commit to a next day return, so you won't have to actually hear other people at the gym for more than a couple days. The present price for etching is ~$25-$35 for iPods and iPhones, not a bad deal for those looking to preserve their individuality among a sea of mainstream Apple enthusiasts. Oh, and if you don't have an iPod yet? Don't worry- you can buy one and order etching all at once on the site.

Personally, I think it would be neat if they adopted a model similar to Threadless, where artists can submit their artwork to the user community and ultimately receive rewards for popular designs. There's probably less potential for repeat community-driven business here, so a voting mechanism might not be as effective, but if they can somehow generate mass submissions, there's probably a good deal of re-use potential in anything from creating t-shirts (dude my iPod matches my shirt!) to tattoos. Of course, tattoos might be a bit more difficult to deliver via FedEx...

Oh, and have a couple $100k you're looking to invest? Etchstar is raising seed capital, so you're in luck!


Anonymous said...

This blog sucked. I dont care about etching ipods. Try tuna. People love fish!

action hero said...

So all this yadda about etchstar. Very expensive! Had mine done by Pet and People tags for about half the price. 1.818.342.1138