H&H Bagels Make Me Happy

To quote my Yelp! review on the subject:

"My girlfriend just sent me a lovely surprise shipment [of H&H midtown bagels east] in California. I can't tell you how happy I am right now to have real NY bagels and lox in my tummy. The lox especially is fantastic; H&H knows lox!"

Just thought I'd share...I really like bagels. This is awesome. If you know a transplanted New Yorker, chances are they miss bagels, especially at Chanukah time, when bagelmissingitis tends to flare up. You might want to consider sending them a dozen or two...here's the link

And while you're at it, throw in a Junior's Cheesecake!


Anonymous said...

rumour has it they have H&H at many of the Whole Foods in the Bay Area

dpm said...

Great find, my friend- will have to check that out!