A non-profit that I am on the Board of is competing in the $250,000 Facebook Causes Giving Challenge and I need your help! From today until February 1, 2008, we're racing to get as many $10+ donors as possible for our facebook cause Educate, Don't Obliterate: To educate tomorrow's leaders in the name of peace.

Please help spread our cause (and encourage others to do so)!

1. Vote for us by donating $10+ to Educate, Don't Obliterate

2. Pledge to invite 20 friends on facebook each day
3. E-mail your listservs: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/view_cause/48396?recruiter_id=2080600
4. Place our link in your away messages
5. Blog about us

Donations are tax deductible, benefiting Children of Abraham, a 501c3 dedicated to educating young leaders around the world to promote peace and understanding in their local communities.

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